A unique festival in the Caribbean, where Creativity, Heritage, Pride and Fun come together!

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Our mission statement is: ‘every little, valuable story or heritage item is worth conserving, reading, writing, storytelling or performing while embracing cultural diversity. Especially, when it respects the principles of sustainability for nature & environment and take away the unnecessary ‘cultural’ boundaries.’


Excursions (Nature. Monument Care)

Excursions (Nature. Monument Care)

BKE conducts several educational projects to make our people and visitors aware of our cultural heritage, like our Monuments and Natural resources. We visit schools and other entities to give readings and lectures, but also do excursions on our History, Environment and Nature.
Caribbean Living Statues Festival

Caribbean Living Statues Festival

Once a year, mainly in December, the streets of Philipsburg are adorned with living statues, performing their unique and special forms of art, that portray Caribbean heroes in Sports, Culture, Literature, Politics and Showcases the local social scenes of the region.
Readings and Entertainment for Elderly

Readings and Entertainment for Elderly

BKE stands for social cohesion. Young and old can nicely do things together. Our volunteers go to the elderly home and visit the elderly at their homes to read the newspaper or a book to them or have them entertained with dancing, singing and other fun activities.

Going Regional: Window to the world!

The people of today aim to seek more and more for collaboration and partnerships with national and regional/transnational partners to fulfill their goals. Beyond Kultura Events believes in regional cooperation and integration in developing her projects. We therefore, incorporate the regional aspects in our projects. We also seek to work in cooperation with other foundations in the region and around the world.



BEYOND KULTURA EVENTS is seeking for Volunteers.

If you like to organize, write project proposals, or just a hands-on person with lots of creativity, you are most welcome to register to one of our commissions to help out on projects.

What Our Clients Say:

Some of the wonderful words our clients and partners have to say about us.

  • It is always a great pleasure to work together with Beyond Writing (Now Beyond Kultura). All projects of Beyond Kultura are very creative and they support the mission of our library to promote reading amongst children and their parents.
    Jubilee Library
  • The Sint Maarten National Heritage Foundation has always been in close contact with Beyond Writing Foundation; working together in projects, geared towards the protection preservation and promotion of our islands heritage, in particular the culture, monuments and history. We have always sold Loekie Morales' books in our museum gift shop. Our director Elsje Bosch' was also honored to be the madrina (godmother) of Loekie Morales's book "The Magic Wedding Cake.
    Heritage Foundation
  • Beyond Kultura Events Foundation provides a gamut of educational programs stimulating the kids and youth of today. Mrs. Loekie Morales is inexhaustible in her pursuit of excellence for her organization and a force to be reckoned with for the advancement of the youth on St. Maarten.
    Motiance Dance School Foundation's director, Arlene Halley
Embracing Creativity