The 5 pillars are basically the head sections on which the basis of the Beyond Kultura Events Foundation rests. For each pillar, there will be a commission in place with volunteers who will be developing and executing projects under that pillar, depending on the goal of the project. Each commission will be guided by a project leader/manager, who will be supervised by a BKE board member. Some projects can have elements of more pillars (being cross cutting). The BKE board will decide under which pillar a project falls.


Pillar 1: History & Heritage - Inclusive Monuments

BKE is working on a program to promote Cultural Heritage, whereby History, Monuments and tangible and intangible Heritage are part of the curriculum of schools and after school activities. Hiking and excursions are conducted as well as creating ‘Experiences’ as part of BKE’s History & Heritage package.

Our goal is to promote and communicate the valuable culture and history of the Caribbean and the assets of cultural diversity in general.

Pillar 2: Culture & Performing Arts

Beyond Kultura Events has initiated the first Caribbean Living Statues Festival (CLSF) in December, 2011 on Sint Maarten. With this ‘Storytelling by Body language’ event more or less 70 living statues has performed in Philipsburg during a whole weekend.

Each year between the end of November and the second week of December, BKE organizes the CLSF, as a competition event to exhibit the culture, way of living and history of the Caribbean with living statues. In one weekend the main streets in Philipsburg will be adorn by creative living statues.

They display our Caribbean historical, cultural, political and sports icons, as well as our social life style. We partner together with the World Statues Foundation of Arnhem, the Netherlands. We also work together with organizations on Sint Maarten.

Living Statues Workshops: Beyond Kultura conducts a full week of workshop in body painting, body movement, and preparations of clothing & accessories to teach the participants on how to become a living statue. The training entails the history, culture and the heritage of the region. The World Statue Organization hosts a world living statue competition every September in Holland, Arnhem. The overall winner of the Caribbean Living Statues Festival will get a ticket to Holland and two days accommodation to represent Sint Maarten/the Caribbean in the World Statues Festival.

The BEYOND KULTURA EVENTS Foundation is currently seeking funding to go regional with this event. If you live in the Caribbean region, North and South America, you can participate as a living statue in the Caribbean Living Statues Festival (CLSF).

Hiring Living statues: living statues to perform at your event, don’t hesitate to call us to surprise your guests.

Do you want to participate? Sponsors, Volunteers, Organizers and Statue Participants are most welcome to explore and present this unique form of arts to everyone. Are you interested? Just give us a call, to get into this world of amazing performing arts.

Pillar 3: Economics & Social Cohesion

Beyond Kultura Events Foundation will develop ‘Social Cohesion Projects’. It’s all about bringing people (professions) together, to work, study, live healthy or just to create/invent nice things together, no matter what color, religion or socio- cultural or economic background they have.

Togetherness with as a basis tolerance, respect and safety are key elements in creating a harmonious society. This will facilitate good relations between and within communities.

Recreation and Sport are example of niches for a better physical and mental health. BKE will conduct projects for stimulating (high) educational potential, reducing crime and striving for more social inclusion.

Bringing youngsters and elderly together and working on (gender) equality issues while creating better employment and growing opportunities within the labor force are key elements. BKE wants to create a safe environment for mainly the youth, making them aware of opportunities to better their situation.

Developing skills to create networks, deliver specific moral and economic support will be areas for BKE to work on.

Pillar 4: Literature - Reading, Writing, Storytelling

Publication of books: Enhancing reading, writing and storytelling skills, especially amongst the youth is vital to widen their vocabulary and comprehensive abilities. BWF has published 7 children’s books which were mainly distributed to the primary schools on the Dutch Caribbean Islands in the past 10 years. BKE is going regional (Caribbean) and international with the publication of books in more languages like Dutch, English, Papiamentu/Papiamento and Spanish, to reach our goals in the Hispanic and Anglo/British countries).

BKE conducts Writing courses, workshops, seminars, competitions and Reading events. BKE also offers editing services to beginning writers for $25,00 per hour. For more info, please call us.

Pillar 5: Nature & Environment

BKE conducted a nice project on Nature and Environment in 2008 called ‘Mina Marina, a Clean Caribbean Sea’. BKE brings awareness on the values of the sea and the need to keep all waters & environment clean. We visit primary schools and bring awareness via Readings, Presentations and Excursions/Hiking. On this pillar, we will seek collaboration with other nature and environment organizations. Schools and community centers will be the main stakeholders on these projects. It is also possible to conduct excursions for tourists. Goal is to promote and communicate the values of a healthy Nature and Environment of the Caribbean and the assets of biodiversity (nationally and regionally).